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Funny Food Quotes

Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.

Walt Kelly
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I went on a diet, swore off drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days I lost two weeks.

Joe E. Lewis
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This recipe is certainly silly. It says to separate two eggs, but it doesn't say how far to separate them.

Gracie Allen
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"Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery. Don't eat pork." I'm sorry, what was that last one? "Don't eat pork. God has spoken." Is that the word of God or is that just pigs trying to outsmart everybody?

Jon Stewart
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Turkey: A large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude.

Ambrose Bierce
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Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward.

George Carlin
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My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.

Phyllis Diller
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